Robert W. Fryer

Co. G, 52nd New York

A photo of Robert Fryer from the Burns Archive, New York City.

According to his biography, Robert Fryer was born in Plattsburg, NY on August 4, 1847.  His enlistment records say he was born in Canada.  When he enlisted on August 23, 1864 as a substitute for a Frank Johnson, he gave his age as 18, though he was really only 17.  Depending on the source, he enlisted in Lockport or Orangeville, NY, which are both located in Western NY, though 40 miles apart.  His enlistment records report he was a farmer who stood 5 feet, 2.5 inches tall, with grey eyes, light hair and a fair complexion.  He mustered in as a Private in Co. G, 52nd NY on the same day as his enlistment.  On March 31, 1865, at the Battle of White Oak Road, two days before the Fall of Petersburg, Fryer was wounded in the right hand by an artillery shell, resulting in the amputation of his middle, ring and little fingers.  He was discharged for disability on July 24, 1865 at Harewood Hospital in Washington, DC.  After the war, he became a minister and married, eventually settling in Indiana.  He filed for a pension from the government in 1865, and his widow Laura filed for one in 1918.

A bibliography of Robert taken from a Grant County, Indiana history is here.

The photo of Robert Fryer was taken after his wounding in 1865.  He is wearing a frock coat with brass insignia on the top of his kepi.

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