Frederick A.H. Gaebel

Lieutenant Colonel
Field & Staff, 7th New York

Veteran Reserve Corps

First Lieutenant
45th US Infantry

Brevet Lieutenant Colonel, US Volunteers

Brevet Major, US Army

Frederick was born in 1824 in Prussia.  By the outbreak of the Civil War, Frederick was in the US and enlisted and mustered in as the Captain of Co. A, 7th NY on April 23, 1861.  He was promoted to Major on February 8, 1862 and Lieutenant Colonel on November 1, 1862.  He was wounded on December 13, 1862 at Fredericksburg, Va.  He mustered out with his regiment at New York City on May 8, 1863. 

He was involved with the attempt to reorganize the 7th NY for further service with him to be the Lieutenant Colonel when it was mustered in.  However, due to low recruitment the attempt was discontinued on October 14, 1863.  Looking to continue his service, Frederick was appointed the Major of the 4th Regiment, Veteran Reserve Corps on November 12, 1863.  He transferred to the 18th Regiment on October 15, 1864, and then to the 16th Regiment on November 3, 1864.  He was discharged from the VRC on January 4, 1867.

Frederick was commissioned a First Lieutenant in the US Army on July 28, 1866.  After leaving the VRC, he served in Co. D, 45th US Infantry in Tennessee until his death in Brooklyn, NY on December 12, 1868.

During his service, he was brevetted a Lieutenant Colonel of US Volunteers on December 10, 1864 for meritorious and faithful service.  He was also brevetted a Captain in the US Army for gallant and meritorious service at Malvern Hill on March 2, 1867 and a Major in the US Army for the same at Fredericksburg.

Though Gaebel never served with the 52nd NY, he became friendly with Charles Freudenberg of the 52nd.  Both of them served in the 45th US at the same time, with Freudenberg as the Captain of Co. B.  Gaebel was given a photo of Freudenberg at some point before his death in 1868.  Their friendship would be easy to understand, as they also very similar military careers, including rising from the rank of Captain to Lieutenant Colonel in ethnic German regiments that fought with the 2nd Corps before becoming field officers in the VRC and line officers in the US Army.

This photo of Frederick taken by Henry Ulke of 278 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, DC in 1865.  Though he was serving as a Major in the VRC at this time, he wears the shoulder straps of a Lieutenant Colonel, his brevet rank in the US Volunteers. 

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