The 52nd NY in Action...or at Rest

These are some pictures of the 52nd at battle reenactments, living history events, parades and monument dedications.

The 52nd at its first reenactment, with other units, at Neshaminy State Park, PA. in 1997

Confederate casualties at Culp's Hill at the 135th Anniversary of Gettysburg

A Union counterattack on the Mule Shoe at the 135th Anniversary of Spotsylvania

The 52nd, with the 14th Brooklyn and other units, at the rededication of the
Civil War Monument in Brooklyn's Greenwood Cemetery

Another wave of Union infantry attack the Sunken Road at the 140th Anniversary of Antietam

Relaxing in Battery Weed at Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, NY

The 52nd and the 56th New York at Monroe, NY in 2002

Union forces advancing against the Confederate line at the 135th Anniversary of Antietam

Escorting the flags at the front of the 2005 Steuben Day Parade in New York City

Guard Mount at the GAR Post 122 plot in the Lutheran Cemetery, Queens, NY

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