Right flank of the Union line during AP Hill's attack at the 135th Anniversary of Antietam

Union column marching to battle through the Union camps at the 135th Anniversary of Antietam

Before the start of the Cornfield at the 140th Anniversary of Antietam

Members of the 52nd relaxing with the Daybreak B'hoys, representing the 65th New York, before the battle at Monroe in 2004

Fighting with the 67th at Old Bethpage Village Restoration in 2005

Resting in between the fighting with the 14th Brooklyn at Old Bethpage Village in 2006

Before the start of the 2006 Steuben Day Parade in New York City

Trying to get some dinner in Carmel, NY

Eating, smoking and standing around in Fort Wadsworth

Cannon and limber chest of our friends in Battery D, 1st NY Light Artillery at Fort Wadsworth

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